“TRANSCARPATHIAN JUDO CUP U16” – Uzhgorod (Ukraina)

Turniej W & M (U16) Uzhgorod Ukraine 8 – 9 of October 2011.



Tel/Fax : +380-312-619494
e-mail: nagibin_judo@mail.ru

Date and venue
8 –9 of October, 2011 Sports Palace “Yunist”
Address: Uzhgorod, Ukraine
Hotel “Zacarpattya” Distance to Sport Palace : 100 metres
Per person/per day ( Bed & Breakfast )
in Double Room 30 Euro
in Single Room 50 Euro
women & men born 1996-97
Weight categories
46, 50, 55, 60, 66, 73, 81, 90, +90 (men)
40, 44, 48, 52, 57, 63, 70, +70 (women)
Friday, 7 of October, 2011
10.00 – 18.00: Arrival of delegations, registrations, accreditations,
financials & hotel check-in – (hotel” Zacarpattya”)
19.00 Referee’s meeting ( Sport Palace)
20.00: Technical Meeting & Draw – (Sport Palace)
Saturday 8 of October, 2011
6.30 – 7.00: Non- Official weigh-in – (Sport Palace/weight-in room)
7.00 – 8.00: Official weigh-in – (Sport Palace/weight-in room)
Men 46,50,55,60 kg Women 40,44,48,52 kg
11.00: Opening Ceremony & Preliminaries
16.30: Finals
Sunday 9 of October, 2011
6.30 – 7.00: Non- Official weigh-in – (Sport Palace/weight-in room)
7.00 – 8.00: Official weigh-in – (Sport Palace/weight-in room)
Men 66,73,81,90,+90 kg Women 57,63,70,+70
11.00: Preliminaries
16.00: Finals

Competition mode

Competition will be carried out according to the EJU official rules
Time of contests : 4 min., GS -2 min.
The white and blue judogi are obligatory in this competition
Preliminaries – 3 mats (8m x 8m)
Finals – 1 mat (8m x 8m)

Neither the organizers of the event or the Transcarpathian Judo Federation (or any of its officials or members) will be liable or responsible for any personal injury, nor for any loss or damage of property in connection with the trip and participation on this tournament and training camp.
Final entry list of participants and travel plan must be sent to the Organizing Committee till 1st of October 2011

Travel expenses to Uzhgorod will be at the charge of the delegations.
You can come to Uzhgorod by plan, in Košice International Airport(Slovakia) distance to Uzhgorod -120 km ,the Organizing Committee meet Your Delegation in Košice International Airport by Bus ( transfer Košice –Uzhgorod- Košice) will be cost 20 euro per persone.
All those teams who will come to Uzhgorod by train, or Košice International Airport by plane must sending to Organizers your full travel plan with day, hours, venue of arrival and departure (for your transfer back).

Registration fee
All payment for Hotel /booking by cash( in UAH) on arrival in Accreditation Centre
Training camp
Training camp will be organized after the tournament from 10 till to 12 of October 2011 in Sport Palace “Yunist”

Best regards,
Organizing Committee

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